• Managed Services Live III - The challenge of change
    Planning to succeed in the “(not so new) normal”


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Managed Services Live III 2021

Planning to succeed in the “(not so new) normal”

As we look forward to vaccines being rolled out for COVID19 and hopefully of a return to physical events in the 2nd half of 2021, we are now confident our first event in Amsterdam will take place in July 2021.

We are delighted to announce the 3rd Manged Service Summit live virtual event will take place on the 20 - 21st April 2021. This is not a replacement for the live events (we believe live face to face interaction, learning and networking can never be fully replaced digitally), our virtual events are designed to be complementary to it - to bring the industry together virtually and on-line to help deal with the unprecedented challenges we all currently face. With a mix of virtual, physical and hybrid events planned, we have developed the portfolio to keep MSPs, VARs and System Integrators informed, connected and inspired.

The event will take the form of four 2-hour interactive sessions over 2 days.

Each session will focus on a key issue MSPs currently face and will be based around a keynote presentation from an independent authority, along with further 10-minute interactive presentations and interviews with industry experts. They will also feature a moderated panel discussion responding to issues raised by the audience.

Delegates will have the opportunity to ask questions and help frame discussions before, during and after the event and will also be provided with access to presentation content and supporting materials after it.

Key elements of the online summit included:

  • Addresses key issues faced by MSPs today
  • Two 3-hour online summit sessions spread over 2 days
  • 10-minute interactive presentations – learn from experts in the industry
  • Recorded product demonstrations
  • Live audience questions
  • Enhanced discussion and audience interaction
  • Moderated live video panel sessions
  • Sponsor digital booths (introductory video, company content, lead generator)
  • After the live event, recorded sessions and sponsor promotional materials are now available for 3 months

The Sessions

The Challenge of Change - Planning to succeed in the ‘(not so new) normal’

The running of a successful MSP in 2021 will require more direction and insights than previously. The various parts of the business may all be moving at different paces – a focus on efficiency will need to target specific roles and aspects of the business. Competition for customers and resources will be increased and the vertical markets being served will have new demands.

This online event aims to bring MSPs up-to-date with the markets, platforms, additional services and approaches, based on the real experience of those MSPs who are proving successful. We aim to use the genuine voice of the MSP to highlight changes as they take place, explore proven best practice and tools, and ideas for marketing and sales that support the new and changed models.

Managed Services LIVE III Content

Managed Services LIVE III will be focussed around 4 conference sessions over 2 days featuring presentations by leading industry speakers, interviews with business leaders and a number of lively panel discussions. The event will explore both technical and sales/business issues and provided networking opportunities for delegates to meet with potential business partners.

Managed Services LIVE III is an executive-level event which will explore the latest trends and developments in managed services, evolving customer requirements and how to create value from providing managed services – both for your own organization and your customers.

Themes, Topics and Trends

Managed Services LIVE III will address the key trends and issues impacting on the managed services sector in 2021 and beyond.

The four sessions:

Changing Markets – changing buyer behaviour; working with the apparent split between smaller customers and enterprise with SMBs more cautious, large firms ready to leapfrog technology levels. How MSPs recognise sectors and customers’ real requirements. How technology can be positioned realistically and appropriately in sales and marketing – no more one size fits all. How service providers can differentiate their messaging.

Changing Environments – the flexible response to work from home, the management and security of remote technologies. The issues of scaling up and down – onboarding and offboarding customers and ecosystems. Regulation and compliance issues continue – how to demonstrate your understanding and support for customers under pressure without overinvesting in expertise.

Changing Technologies – looking at security and other key technology areas. Marketing services and building new solutions to take to market. What are the essential future areas – blockchain, IoT, AI, edge computing and when will we start a profitable plan for their future? Technologies and companies to watch – research, M&A and growth plans.

Changing Management Priorities: understanding the nature of change – the permanent effects of the crisis and whatever the new normal will be. Resource management and systems design for efficiency and flexibility. How to recruit and keep skills, market your strengths and build on key knowledge. How to measure your effectiveness against other MSPs. What are the best doing right in 2021?


All quoted times are in UK Time (BST) and are subject to change.

Tuesday 20th April 2021 starting at 09:00 Local Time
09:30 INTRODUCTION - John Garratt, Chair, MSS Live III
Changing Markets
How we audit customers … and turn some down
Presented by Tarek Meliti - TDM Group
09:55 Changing Markets: Interview with Dima Dabbour, Sophos
Presented by Dima Dabbour - Sophos
10:15 Interview with Florian Malecki, StorageCraft
Presented by Florian Malecki - StorageCraft
10:35 Simplify Technology Consumption with Exclusive Networks
Presented by Adam Williamson - Exclusive Networks
10:50 Changing Markets: Interview with Boyan Ivanov, StorPool
Presented by Boyan Ivanov - StorPool
Changing Environments
Trusted Computing in the future - Interview with Thorsten Stremlau, CTO, Lenovo
Presented by Thorsten Stremlau - Trusted Computing Group
11:25 Changing Environments: Interview with Graham Bromham, Fujitsu
Presented by Graham Bromham - Fujitsu
11:40 How to stay competitive on the market as an MSP in the new normal - Interview with Alexander Draaijer, Splashtop
Presented by Alexander Draaijer - Splashtop
11:55 Changing Environments: Interview with Alex Ford, IT Glue
Presented by Alex Ford - IT Glue
12:15 How to help your customer evolve and adapt to changing environments during and after the pandemic.
Presented by Dominic Carter - ICA, and Will Richards - LogMeIn
Speakers Panel Debate #1: StorPool, Fujitsu, Splashtop, LogMeIn, StorageCraft
Splashtop, StorPool, StorageCraft, Fujitsu, and LogMeIn
Changing Management Priorities
The drive to quality
Presented by Nigel Redwood - Atlas Cloud
13:15 Changing Management Priorities: Interview with Alex Winter, ConnectWise
Presented by Alex Winter - ConnectWise
Speakers Panel Debate #2: ConnectWise, IT Glue
IT Glue, and ConnectWise
Wednesday 21st April 2021 starting at 09:30 Local Time
10:00 INTRODUCTION - John Garratt, Chair, MSS Live III
Changing Technologies
10:05 Duo Security’s MSP Program and Passwordless - The Future of Authentication
Presented by Hiten Jotangia - Duo Security, and Paola Carosella - Duo Security
10:20 Changing Technologies: Interview with Erik Nicolai, Workspace 365
Presented by Erik Nicolai - Workspace365
10:35 Changing Technologies: Interview with Amelia Paro, ID Agent
Presented by Amelia Paro - ID Agent
10:50 Changing Technologies: Interview with SKOUT Cybersecurity
Presented by James Hatzell - SKOUT Cybersecurity
Exiting an IT Services Company - COVID and the New Normal
Presented by Jonathan Simnett - Hampleton Partners
11:25 Interview with Marwin Marcussen, Kaseya
Presented by Marwin Marcussen - Kaseya
Speakers Panel Debate #3: Workspace 365, SKOUT CyberSecurity, Duo Security, Kaseya, Sophos
Workspace365, Duo Security, SKOUT Cybersecurity, Kaseya, Sophos, Kaseya, and Duo Security
Presentation times and order are subject to change. This agenda was last updated on 04 Feb 2023 at 3:06am.
The 3rd virtual summit will utilise the ‘Connect’ Event Platform, integrating presentations, digital sponsors booths and networking tools into one portal – allowing for live text and video chat between delegates, speakers and sponsors.


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